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Refer Madness Worth $2500

A few weeks ago I posted that I’d be offering a special and that if you met the minimum qualifications and were selected, you’d receive my consulting services worth $2500. Well it’s time to announce what you need to do to qualify. The following rules apply: Note: Please visit and “Like” my page and to learn about my services.

  • Refer a minimum of “10 New Likes” to my new “business” Facebook page by March 15th, 2013 (see: This should be pretty easy to do… we all know at least 10 people and perhaps just as many business owners.

  • Email a list of your referrals to [email protected] so I can begin tracking.

  • Each new referral who “Likes” my page must post a comment indicating who referred them. This is important because without your referral’s comment, you won’t get credit. Moreover, it’s important because everyone can see who everyone else referred.

  • If two or more people refer the same person(s), the one who is mentioned first in a post is the referrer to get credit.

  • The person who refers the most new “Likes” (with a minimum of 10) will receive my consulting services worth $2500.

  • If at end of day, March 15th, 2013, two or more people referred the same number of new “Likes”, the person who referred the most Likes from “businesses” will receive my services. If two or more people referred the same number of Likes from businesses, their names will be entered into a hat (so to speak) and drawn (Silly, but is there a fairer way?).

Finally, the services provided will be from SATBC’s “primary” services. Moreover, they’ll be delivered on a mutually agreeable schedule and based on my standard rates equaling $2500. Note: Free services include labor only and do not include any paid expenses by SATBC, e.g., printing costs, website hosting fees, photo royalty fees, advertising fees, postage, etc.

Visit to “Like” my page and to learn more about SATBC services.

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