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Q. How long have you been in business and offering the desired services?


A. I started a retail business in 1995, an importing business in 2005, a consulting business in 2007 and a life-coaching business in 2016 (all of which are still operating). As a lead consultant for the Regional Transportation Authority's Mainstreet Program, I've consulted with 100's of businesses and provided outreach services to 1000's. This experience, along with my business development, automation and manufacturing engineering, and project management responsibilities within the aerospace and computer technology industries, have provided a broad understanding of the challenges faced by businesses. More importantly, it's provided me invaluable insights as to potential business solutions. 


Q. What is your background (education, experience, etc.)?


A. I earned a BS degree in Industrial Engineering Technology from Northern Arizona University, a MBA in Entrepreneurship and Finance from the University of Arizona and became a certified consultant / life coach from the Proctor Gallagher Institute. I have experience as an automation-manufacturing engineer, engineering manager, technical program manager, business development manager, university adjunct instructor, business consultant and life-coach (for individuals, teams and businesses). 


Q. Do you have references?


A. Yes, upon request.

Q. What is your consulting process before, during and after the project?


A. See Consulting Process



Q. Should I have others review your proposal (other professionals, friends, attorneys, etc.)?


A. Absolutely! Make sure you understand each task that is proposed and what is to be delivered. Understanding the proposal and each other's expectations is key to success.

Q. Are all proposed tasks, deliverables, services, costs, etc. provided in writing?


A. Yes, a detailed proposal will be provided in writing. Once, the proposal is agreed upon, we can begin to work. 



Q. Do I own all accounts (website, social media, other)?


A. Yes, make sure that you own all accounts so that you can manage them yourself (if feasible) or you can hire another professional to help you if you're dissatisfied with anyone that you've hired.


Q. What are your payment terms (downpayment, retainers, credit card payments, cash equivalent payments, etc.).


A. Before most types of projects are started, a retainer equal to 60% of the estimated cost will be required. The balance will be due at 50% project completion. Additional fees and/or retainers may be required if the client requests additional services that are not included in the original proposal. We take credit cards, PayPal and cashier's checks.



Q. Do I have direct access to you or the lead consultant?


A. Yes, you have direct access to Steve Taylor at (520) 270-6309 or at [email protected].


Q. Do you guarantee satisfaction?


A. Yes, for tasks that are included in the original or subsequent proposals.


Q. Is my personal and business information held confidential?


A. Absolutely! All project related conversations will be held confidential and any documents that you may need to provide will be returned. We won't even divulge that we're working with you unless you provide authorization.



Q. Do you offer other services that may be applicable?

A. Yes, see Services

Q. Can your services be provided locally, nationally or internationally? 

A. Yes, in most cases we can gather enough information to perform our services via the phone or with services such as Google Chat, Skype or GoToMeeting. For local projects, we will meet face-to-face when necessary.

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