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There are three main types of personal and corporate goals:

  • Type A – Goals that focus on doing something you already know how to do. These types of goals are not good because they don’t result in personal growth.

  • Type B – Goals that focus on activities that you think you can do. These type of goals are also not good because they are likely not inspirational. If they aren’t inspirational, you’ll likely get bored and quit.

  • Type C – Goals that are focused on your wants, dreams and fantasies. These types of goals are good because they provide for personal growth, i.e., you’ll learn things about your mental and perhaps physical abilities that you’ve never known.

Goal Setting Pyramid

Referring to the diagram, imagine that at the lower left corner of the pyramid is your Fantasy. Moving clockwise, your Fantasy becomes a Theory, but only if you believe that you are able to achieve your goal and are willing to do whatever is necessary, i.e., be willing to pay the price. As you become emotionally involved with your Theory, it evolves into your Goal. As you continue being emotionally involved, your behavior/actions will change, therefore your results will change, and then your Goal will ultimately becomes a Fact, i.e., your desired result.

To achieve Type C goals, you must decide not to let opinions, situations, circumstances, etc. become obstacles to your progress. Circumstances are the greatest stumbling block to making decisions that allow you to achieve your goals. Moreover, Type C goals entail encountering tasks that you’ve never done. Hence, you’ll likely not know how to proceed. However, “MAKE YOUR DECISION WHERE YOU ARE WITH WHAT YOU GOT.” In other words, don’t sweat the details; they’ll become apparent at the appropriate time as you proceed.

The key to accomplishing a Type C goal is to envision that you’re already in possession of your goal. Visualize yourself in your desired role AND your feelings associated with it. These feelings will become impressed upon your subconscious. Once impressed, your vibrations will change, your actions will change, and your results/goals will ultimately come to fruition.

Finally, the picture that you hold in your mind most often will eventually be expressed in physical form or circumstance (whether good or bad). Remember, “Achievers throughout history rarely agreed on anything related to the study of human life. However, they all completely agreed on the following: “We become what we think about.”

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