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Image of Reacting vs. Thinking

Have you ever wondered why your life may not be as good as you wished? Have you noticed that there are very successful people with less skills and education than you and/or were provided fewer opportunities for success? What is their secret? In addition to hard work, perseverance and a little luck, they continuously imagine the desired benefits of where they want to be, rather than where they are or where they have been.

The attached diagram indicates the differences between Reacting to our environment as compared to Thinking into our desired results. When we react to our environment, we are reacting to the results of our actions or to the results of others. We then form thoughts and opinions about what we see and experience. These thoughts create feelings and emotions (good and bad), which drive our actions and behaviors. Our actions, reactions and behaviors create our results. We tend to accept these results, even though unsatisfactory, because we’re more comfortable with what we know, rather than what we don’t.

To break this ugly cycle, we must think about what we want and where we want to be. We must practice “Imagined Reality”, i.e., we must imagine the benefits of our dreams and goals as if they already existed. These imagined thoughts form new feelings and emotions, which drive new actions and behaviors, thereby creating new results. We then form new positive thoughts, feelings, actions, etc., etc., until our goals and dreams eventually become reality.

To learn more about how you can finally achieve what you truly desire in life, contact me about the Thinking Into Results program. Visit: or or

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