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Diagram of Polar Opposites

In a previous blog, I discussed the concept of the Terror Barrier; a psychological barrier that prevents most people from achieving their major goals and dreams. It prevents people from moving beyond a state of BONDAGE, i.e., the status quo, to a state of FREEDOM, wherein they experience personal growth and success. This concept can be further explained by another well-known concept known as Polar Opposites, i.e., up and down, front and back, happy and sad, etc. The following diagram shows how the concept of polar opposites can be used to illustrate how our mind/body/results function.

On the left side of the diagram we have BONDAGE (a negative state). Under Bondage we have Ignorance and Worry/Doubt, which are at the conscious level. As Doubt is internalized, Fear is created at the subconscious level. This fear is expressed through the Body as a vibration of Anxiety. People don’t express anxiety, but rather internalize and suppress it. This Suppression results in Depression (which is anger is turned inward), then Dis-ease and finally, Disintegration.

On the right side of the diagram we have FREEDOM (a positive state). Under Freedom we have Knowledge and Understanding, both at the conscious level. Opposite of Worry/Doubt is Understanding, which leads to a subconscious emotional state of Faith. Faith is expressed through the body as Well-being. Well-being is never suppressed, but rather expressed. Expressing this energy to the Universe results in the Universe expressing like energy back. The expression of Well-being is what leads to momentum and Acceleration. This happens because the body is vibrating at the polar opposite of Dis-ease, i.e., “At-Ease”. Being At-Ease enables a person to move into a vibration of Creation.

This diagram works in reverse too. For example, let’s say that you were feeling depressed, but didn’t know why. You would look at the diagram and see that your depression may be caused by anxiety. Ask yourself, “Do I feel anxious?” If yes, you’d see that your anxiety may be caused by something you were worrying or had doubts about. You might be thinking, “Should I have started that new venture?” “Is my wife going to leave me?” “Am I talented enough to get that promotion?” “Why am I always broke?” Then you’d see that your feelings were likely caused by the lack of knowledge, i.e., ignorance. Solution: Face your demons head-on and become informed about the issues surrounding your concerns. Knowledge = Understanding = Faith = Well-Being = … Creation.

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