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This (Street) Car Is Huge!

(Revised from Aug 30, 2013)

Tucson’s Modern Streetcar system is “Huge” because many current and past mayors, city managers, state representatives, city employees, contractors, businesses, consultants, neighbors, and every-day individuals bled their hearts and souls into this project to make it a reality.

Not everyone is excited. I still encounter naysayers and feel compelled to explain the benefits of the system. For example, I tell them that $100’s of millions have been invested along the 3.9 mile route. Some estimates suggest almost $1 billion. These dollars would have never been invested if it wasn’t for the Streetcar. However, I also explain the negative side of the project, i.e., some businesses did not survive the construction process because consumers avoided the construction areas.

I’m still 100% behind the Streetcar because if it wasn’t for this project, the $100’s of millions that have been invested in the Downtown, University and 4th Ave areas would never had been. Just visit the new and improved businesses along Broadway, Congress, 4th Avenue, University Blvd, Park Ave and side streets, and you’ll be surprised as to the transformational changes that have occurred.

Kudos to those who supported this project from the beginning (i.e., Tucson’s Department of Transportation (TDOT), Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), Pima Association of Governments (PAG), Granite Construction Co. and a multitude of other contractors, consultants, businesses, neighborhoods and individuals. We can all be proud of the vision and fortitude that helped transform Tucson into a more vibrant community.

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