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Caution! Consultants Ahead!

After years of marketing and delivering consulting services, SAT Business Consulting (SATBC) has experienced a common “initial” response from almost every business. This response is one of distrust and skepticism. This is especially true for businesses that receive “Free” services as provided by government sponsored assistance programs. We’ve experienced this response from both small and large companies, whether the services were sponsored by local, state or federal agencies. It’s understandable why these businesses are skeptical because we’ve all been brainwashed, and rightfully so, that nothing is truly free.

We’ve also experienced this response from businesses that pay for our consulting services. The reasons for their initial skepticism can be due to a number of reasons, many of which warrant a separate blog for each. However, whether the consulting services are free or not, SATBC puts a business’s available expertise at the forefront of our consulting or strategic planning process. It’s our role to draw out what the owner, executive manager, etc., already knows, fill in the blanks, and then add structure (strategies) for implementation.

How we capture this information is more of an art than a science and is fairly straight forward. But as straight forward as it is, we hear time and time again how excited our clients are about the new opportunities that we’ve discovered. We then tell them, “It wasn’t us that discovered them, it was you. We just helped extract what you already knew”. So while most businesses are skeptical at first, they become true believers once they understand what SAT Business Consulting can accomplish with a little of “their” help.


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