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Our unique Law of Attraction (LOA) Gratitude Stones are made from polished magnetic hematite. Hence, they are great reminders of the universe's "Law of Attraction" and even have mythical healing properties. These stones vary in size (~ 1" diameter X 1/2" thick) and shape (round, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, etc.) and are engraved with the PHEALGoOD logo. The logo is then enhanced with metallic gold paint. They can be carried in your pocket or magnetically attached to any metallic surface (refrigerators, dashboards, filing cabinets, etc.) to help remind you of Peace, Happiness, Expectation, Appreciation, Love and GoOd. They are provided in sets of two, enclosed in an attractive black Rayo Suede drawstring jewelry pouch and come with a pocket pamphlet explaining the meaning of PHEALGoOD and various ways to use the stones. 


Set of 2 stones = $5.99



S/H = $5.95

  • 1st Class Mail via USPS within U.S.

  • S/H outside the U.S. will differ.

  • PayPal Invoice will show $11.94 w/ $0 shipping.



TOTAL = $11.94

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