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Bob Proctor's You Were Born Rich, gives you the complete and proven system for using the potential you have locked inside of you to achieve financial, emotional, physical and spiritual prosperity. 

"Zig Ziglar may be the master motivator; Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup For the Soul, the master storyteller; Anthony Robbins may be the guru of personal development; but Bob Proctor is the master thinker. When it comes to systematizing life, no one else can touch him. He is simply the best. Bob Proctor collects thoughts like Imelda Marcos used to collect shoes. He strings them together in exquisite arrays; one thought leading logically to the next until a whole method has been constructed. 


Mr. Proctor is a direct link to the modern science of success stretching back to Andrew Carnegie, the great financier and philanthropist. Carnegie's secrets inspired and enthused Napoleon Hill, whose book Think and Grow Rich, in turn inspired a whole genre of success-philosophy books that now take up large sections of modern bookstores. Napoleon Hill, in turn passed the baton onto Earl Nightingale, who has since placed it in Bob Proctor's capable hands. When you tap into the wisdom of Bob Proctor, you are in for more than a review of the latest "success fad" of the decade. You are tapping into the embodiment of an ongoing "study" of human nature and success that spans three generations. Bob Proctor is the curator of this science of success and this powerful book offers a generous display of some of its many treasures. This is a great read!"


Doug Wead, Former Special Assistant to the President in the Bush White House (paraphrased from Foreword).

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